Dream Awake

About the Cover's Significance

The cover itself has particular meaning for me, I chose the black and white to represent the contrast/struggle of opposing forces represented often in my poetry; such as life and death, right and wrong, remembrance and loss, etc. The butterfly though is the centre piece, while it is commonly seen as a symbol of rebirth or transition there are a cumber of other associated beliefs. It is a creature of many different meanings, like my works, so that first appealed to me. It is its fragility, beauty, and uncaring/flitting nature that I felt captured the tone of my writing itself though. They are such fragile things, easily torn and broken, coming to represent the fragile state of humanity in both mind and body, but also the beauty of that fragility. As for the flitting/uncaring nature of it I saw it as the observer, detached, moving from one thing to the next like the voice/tone of much of my works which comes off as the distant observer.