Dream Awake


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Dream Awake is Sarah A. MacDonald's debut work. Her writing is vivid, inspired, humorous, haunting, and darkly beautiful - evoking a delicate sense of hope and innocence emerging from the dark. This collection of poetry and prose glimpses into vibrant realms of thought and imagination that captivate the mind."

"Delightful, dark, and thoughtful - an enticing read!"

Publication Date: 
November 20, 2010
White Clover Publishing
Page Count: 72
Binding Type: US Trade 
Paper Trim Size: 5.25" x 8" 
Language: English 
Related Categories: 
Poetry/ Prose/ Short Stories/ Satire/ Nature/ Psychology
Types of Poems: 
Free Verse, Haiku, Narrative, Villanelle

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From the Author...
"My writing is a reaction to the direction of society - past, present, and future, though it is by no means presented in such a straightforward way. At times humorous, it can also be disturbing, or enlightening. Presented in the fantastical, or in deadpan realism, there is a variety of subjects sharing the same sense of a dream awake: real, surreal, impossible, yet familiar."

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